Zennio 2021 Product Releases - Q1

Through was a challenging 2020 its great to see so many of our suppliers set to release new product lines and/or updates this year. One of those being Zennio who are scheduled to launch four new KNX products in the first quarter of the year which will further expand the level of control and design options available within their portfolio.

KEM – KNX Energy Monitor

The Zennio KNX Energy Monitor (KEM) actuator targets control/monitor electricity and water consumption, as well as heating/cooling energy consumption for up to 2 climate systems. It has 3 channels to monitor electricity consumption (max 20 A), 4 channels to connect turbine flow meters (max 15 mA at 5 VDC) and 5 analog-digital inputs to connect flow and return water temperature probes. The KEM also includes 10 logical functions, consumption dependent notifications and alarms. The 5 VDC power output can supply power for the connected flow meters.

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Presentia W0

Zennio’s new Presentia W0 provides a further solution for in-wall flush mounting presence detection which mounts within a 55x55mm frame, provides a detection area of 180º with up to 10 meters length of detection and offers master/slave configuration for larger areas. The Presentia W0 will be available in black, silver and wite finishes and has been designed to be integrated seamlessly with the Zennio’s Tecla 55 and Flat 55 family along with their new ZS55 frames, switches and sockets (which will also be released later this year), providing a holistic keypad, touchscreen, detection and wiring accessory solution.

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Tecla 55

The Tecla 55 forms a new family of flush fitting polycarbonate capacitive touch switches with customisable icons, to be combined with 55x55 mm frames and Zennio ZS55 switches and sockets. The range includes 1, 2, 4 or 6 button versions which are all available with backlit icons that adapt according to ambient luminosity and proximity sensor.

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The Z40 capacitive touch panel further expands the Zennio touchscreen portfolio and sits as a bigger brother to the already popular Z35 unit. It boasts a 4.1-inch colour touch panel with up to 56 control points across 7 pages along with 2 independent thermostats, an integrated temperature probe, a proximity and luminosity detector to adjust display backlight and x4 A/D inputs to be used as binary input, motion detector or temperature probe.

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If you are interested in learning more about any of the upcoming releases or have a project you feel they might be well suited for, please contact a member of the My KNX Store team.

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