Light & Build 2022 Product Releases – Ekinex

We are excited to announce a number of new Ekinex product ranges and upgrades following this year’s Light & Build Trade Show, including their new Signum keypad. For full details see below.

Signum range

The new Signum keypad range boasts a sleek colour graphic display with a user-friendly 3-page navigation and haptic pressure feedback. An intuitive ‘swipe through’ allows individual or combined functions to be selected and can be displayed in either 1-button, 2-button or 4-button page displays. Additional brightness, colour temperature and motorisation (such as blinds or shutters) and fan speed functions can also be selected along with a room thermostat page and audio page.

The Signum keypad is available in both surface and deep frame designs and thermostat + audio functions are added to the keypad via a licence (purchased separately). An integrated temperature is included as standard and a proximity sensor can be included within the frame faceplate (order separately).

One of the key benefits of the Signum keypad is that due to its customisable touch display, functional programming can be easily altered if the requirements of that keypad changes over time. This also mitigates additional costs of new bespoke inscribed rockers in this scenario, a common situation faced with standard press keypads. In addition, via Ekinex’s configuration app the end client can easily change the button text, icons and colours to their preference without a call out form the system integrator. It is worth nothing here that this app allows for aesthetic alterations only, no functional parameters can be edited avoiding any localised or system wide issues. Functional parameters can still only be amended within ETS.

Product Link: Click Here

Delego Panel 5

Although an existing product line, the Delego Panel 5 continues to hold a flagship position within the Ekinex portfolio providing a central point of control for all building functions including, lighting, blinds, multi-media and combined screen recall. It boasts a customisable screen navigation which can be segregated per floor / room with the option to add in-situ images for each room or zone.

The Delego panel 5 must be used alongside Ekinex’s Delego server for control within a KNX system and multiple frame finishes are available for design continuity to Ekinex keypads throughout the property or building.

Product Link: Click Here

Bespoke Finish Service

In addition to customisable rockers within their 71, FF and 20 Venti Series, Ekinex also offer a bespoke finish service in which they can match rocker and faceplate finishes to a specific sample or RAL colour. This is an extremely beneficial service when the control system needs to specifically match a design aesthetic or an architecturally led theme. Pricing is calculated on a case-by-case basis and minimal order quantities as applicable.

For more information contact a member of the My KNX Store team.

T: 0191 497 0777