Light & Build 2022 Product Releases – Jung

We are excited to announce a number of new Jung product ranges and upgrades following this year’s Light & Build Trade Shown, including their new LS Touch keypad. For full details see below.

LS Touch

The LS Touch is the latest addition to Jung’s front-end portfolio and boasting a compact design, covers up to 32 KNX functions per device. The thought behind the development of the smart room controller was to extend the classic KNX operation functionally and to bring it all into one device. Up to eight weekly timers allow users to control different functions at different times (e.g. in the evening, the lighting in the living room has the focus). Furthermore, users can change the times themselves, change favourites and adapt the menu to their preference, including grid size, number of pages and layout without a call out required from the system integrator for reprogramming.

The LS Touch measures and controls the room temperature and visualises the values on the display, among other things and gains its power supply via the KNX bus. The user interface relies on clear and unique symbols with a vast array of customisable options. The layout is reminiscent of the familiar Jung KNX F 40 pushbutton and the operating philosophy reminiscent of the operation of smartphones.

For installation, the LS Touch is only available within a specific single gang frame surround from the JUNG LS 990 or LS ZERO ranges and is available in a variety of materials and colours. Unique metal options are also available within the frame which allow for both surface and flush mounting. In addition, the LS Touch supports the full Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours for a unique design finish, with both frame and screen background colour to match.

Key features:

  • High-resolution touch display.
  • 32 KNX functions.
  • Integrated proximity and brightness sensor.
  • External input for additional sensor.
  • Changes possible by users.
  • Up to eight logic functions.
  • Room temperature controller and four controller extensions.
  • Three favourite pages with up to four functions each.
  • Intuitive menus.

Jung Home

JUNG HOME is their newest full system launch and provides a flexible building control solution for the retro market. Based on the conventional 230v installation it allows a level of automation on top of the existing infrastructure without any cable reruns required. With lighting, shading and temperature control at its core, JUNG HOME consists of system inserts, covers and sockets using a Bluetooth mesh. Control of a JUNG HOME system can be achieved via a range of pushbuttons, an app or voice triggers for complete flexibility anywhere in the building. Temperature control is also possible via the Room Thermostat, which allows mode changes along with wider temperature control through scene recalls.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Control of lighting, shading, temperature, presence detection and more.
  • Ideal for retrofit market.
  • Scalable control.
  • User-friendly app with now local and remote control functionality.
  • Connects JUNG HOME devices with my JUNG Cloud (Alexa, Google Home) using Bluetooth Mesh.
  • Secure Bluetooth network.

Keypads & Room Thermostat

All JUNG HOME functions can be controlled via a 1-gang or 2-gang pushbuttons which are available in Jung’s A, CD, LS design ranges including their Les Couleurs Le Corbusier colours for a vast array of configuration options. Both wired and battery powered variants are available, with the latter providing an additional level of flexibility if there are any limitations in existing 230v cabling. The system insert determines the main function: light, blinds or temperature with 1-gang pushbuttons providing up to two functions and up to four for the 2-gang variant. The JUNG HOME pushbuttons are configured in the app and every rocker has a multi-coloured LED for status indication, in addition a night mode is also possible. The room thermostat with display in real glass enables the control of the heating in the JUNG HOME system. It detects a fall in temperature, for example when a window is opened, and switches the heating to frost protection mode. Scene integration is also possible.

PIRs & Further control

For both user comfort and energy efficiency, JUNG HOME includes a PIR offering to maximise the level of lighting control that can be achieved. The range include a particularly large detection range with the motion detector registers in 180 degrees and the presence detector detects movement within 360 degrees catering for a wide spectrum of requirements and room/zone layouts.

The JUNG HOME portfolio also includes in-field switch actuators with binary inputs for further system flexibility and control. For example, conventional weather sensors can be used as a wind alarm and for rain detection using the two binary inputs. The switching output and the two binary inputs can be operated independently of each other. In this way, the binary inputs control a blinds actuator wirelessly, for example, and the switching output is used to control a ceiling light.

Out now – for more information speak to a member of the My KNX Store.

Room Thermostat rotary design update

The new Room Thermostat rotary unit falls within Jung’s 230v range and now boasts a new design with a 42-millimetre rotary knob and a reduced height. In this way, the room thermostats reflect the same design as Jung’s rotary dimmer covers for design continuity throughout.

Key Features:

  • The room thermostats are available in the versatile JUNG design. With devices in the LS, A, CD and AS ranges with a large selection of materials and colours complete design flexibility.
  • When users press the rotary knob, the heating system switches to frost-protection mode. To set the comfort temperature, rotating the control unit is sufficient. The devices are therefore suited both for heating and cooling.
  • An LED shows the current state. It projects slightly so that users can also see the switching state from the side: if it is lit red, the heating is running. If it is lit blue, the system is cooling the building. If it is lit orange, the heating is in frost-protection mode.

British Standard for the A Range

Jung’s British standard portfolio now includes a UK socket compatible with their A frame range. This is partially beneficial for the UK market as it allows the use of both single and multi-gang UK backboxes to be used. This differs to other frame ranges which require single European backboxes to be used per insert increasing both install time and complexity.

For more information contact a member of the My KNX Store team.

T: 0191 497 0777