Jung LS 1912 as KNX push-button

Traditional switch design solution from Jung

One of the key benefits of KNX is the extensive range of keypad designs that are available within the control platform. Most of which however are based on a more contemporary design that can favour modern building / projects. But what options are available if a project requires a building control solution that utilises a traditional front-end design? Jung’s LS 1912 range has you covered.

The LS 1912 design range offers a premium switch solution for residential, commercial and hospitality projects alike by unifying the characteristic operation of a classic rocker switch with modern technology. The range includes an array of toggle design options that are available in either 1, 2 or 4-gang configurations. All of which are available in Jung’s matte and metal finishes along with their exclusive Les Couleurs range which offers a handcrafted colour pallet of 63 finishes.

LS 1912 Overview: Click Here

With the multi push-button insert and the KNX push-button interface, the LS 1912 becomes a KNX control unit. The combination of the devices covers many functions. For mounting behind the flush-mounted insert, a deep installation box is necessary. With LS 1912 as a KNX push-button, smart functions can be harmoniously integrated into a classic ambience. Mounting in multiple combinations is possible.

1-gang toggle multi push-button

Configuration Example:

2-gang toggle multi push-button

Key features:

4-gang toggle multi push-button

Configuration Example:

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