Introducing the new Touch & Control panel from Ekinex

To further bolster Ekinex’s existing touchscreen portfolio we are excited to announce the launch of Ekinex’s Touch & Control panel. Differing to Ekinex’s Delego panel range which must be used in alongside their Delego server, the Touch & Control panel is a native KNX device is direct KNX bus connection.

Via a sleek and compact 4-inch display the Touch & Control provides a multi-functional control point within a KNX system, from advanced lighting control (with colour change), blind / shutter movement, audio functions, air quality and air conditioning along with energy measurement displays, alarm functions and night orientation. And with so much more.

Key features:
  • Control and dimming functions for luminaires, motorised shutter control
  • Room thermostat function for 4 independent zones
  • Control of room temperature, air conditioning, underfloor heating and ventilation system
  • Control of audio functions
  • RGB, RGBW, RGBCW brightness control and colour temperature setting
  • Air quality display, with PM2.5, AQI, CO2, VOC etc.
  • Display of energy measurement parameters: current, voltage, power, energy.
  • Integrated proximity sensor, screen brightness setting, indication with coloured LED strip
  • Haptic feedback with vibration
  • Date and time display, temperature and humidity display, day/night status output
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Weekly timer
  • Bottom design bar only available in a metal carbon finish

Product Link: Click Here

For more information contact a member of the My KNX Store team.

T: 0191 497 0777