Zennio Light + Building 2024 Releases – Part 1

The Light + Building Trade Show is one of the key events in the My KNX Store calendar and brings together the last building control solutions on the global stage. It was great to see Zennio, one of our key suppliers, once again have a strong presence at the show and launch a plethora of new products and upgrades to existing popular devices. This part 1 article provides a snapshot of the back-end products featured, now available or coming soon to My KNX Store.

Part 2 coming soon which will showcase the advancement to Zennio’s front-end profile.

Binary Inputs

Zennio already provided an extensive range of inputs devices to maximise the control solutions that can be achieved within their portfolio, along with flexible installation methods. Device inputs can be configured as sensors, switches or potential-free push buttons along with outputs for low current LED control. At the Light + Building trade show we saw upgrades to their existing 2 and 4 gang variants, with reduced sizing for both, along with the showcase of new 6 and 8-gang variants. The latter coming soon to My KNX Store.

Key features:
  • Reduced size 39x39x10.5mm
  • 2/4/6/8 input/output versions
  • Temperature probe input with different terminal
  • 1 Thermostat module
  • KNX Secure

Product Link: Coming Soon

Comb busbar

Due to variation of device types within a KNX project, and the quantity of those devices, it can result in more complex control panels and the associated time to design / build the enclosures. To assist with this process Zennio has launched a Comb Busbar which can be used on a selected group of din rail actuators.

References (sold separately):
  • Ref. ZACMB66CB – Comb busbar for MAXinBOX 66, MAXinBOX 66 v2 and MAXinBOX 66 v3 – 1 unit
  • Ref. ZACMB8CB – Comb busbar for MAXinBOX 8, MAXinBOX 8 Plus, MAXinBOX 8 v3 and MAXinBOX 8 v4 – 2 units
  • Ref. ZACMB12CB – Comb busbar for MAXinBOX 12 – 2 units
  • Ref. ZACMB16CB – Comb busbar for MAXinBOX 16, MAXinBOX 16 Plus, MAXinBOX 16 v3, MAXinBOX 16 v4, MAXinBOX SHUTTER 8CH, MAXinBOX SHUTTER 8CH v2 and MAXinBOX SHUTTER 8CH v3 – 2 units
  • Ref. ZACMB20CB – Comb busbar for MAXinBOX 20 – 2 units
  • Ref. ZACMB24CB – Comb busbar for MAXinBOX 24 and MAXinBOX 24 v2 – 2 units
  • Ref. ZACAB1612CB – Comb busbar for ALLinBOX 1612 v2 – 2 units
  • Ref. ZACPCCB – Comb busbar – Protector plastic cap – 12 units

Product Link: Click Here


Zennio’s popular MAXinBoX portfolio provides various multifunctional actuators for lighting, blind and fan coil control within one device, along with additional logic functions. We are excited to announce the launch of their new MAXinBOX 88 variant which 8 relay outputs which can be used x8 individual outputs, or x4 shutter channels or x2 two-pipe fan coil channels, or a mixed combination of all. In addition, the device includes 20 logical functions, 2 Master Light modules, 8 analog-digital inputs, a heartbeat function and more.

Key features:
  • 8 configurable outputs: shutter channels (up to 4), individual outputs (up to 8) and 2-pipe fan coil control (up to 2)
  • Outputs suitable for capacitive loads, maximum 140 μF
  • 8 analog/digital inputs
  • 20 logic functions
  • Output timing
  • Supports KNX Data Secure
  • 2 Master Light controls
  • Manual output operation with push button and LED status indicator

Product Link: Click Here

IndustrialBOX 4

The new IndustrialBox actuator includes 4 individual outputs with industrial relays (20 A C-Load) with manual control of its outputs through switches that directly control the relays independently of the power supply. In addition, the device includes 20 independent logical functions and is a compatible with KNX Secure.

Key features:
  • 4 individual outputs up to 20 A
  • Outputs suitable for capacitive loads, maximum 200 μF
  • Possibility of connecting different phases in adjacent outputs
  • Supports KNX Data Secure
  • 20 logic functions
  • Output timing
  • Independent manual control for physical operation/actuation of the relay
  • 2 Master Light controls
  • 2/8/12 output versions Coming Soon

Product Link: Click Here

ShutterBOX Drive

Zennio currently over a 4 and 8-channel blind actuator, the MAXinBOX SHUTTER 4CH v3 and MAXinBOX SHUTTER 8CH v3 respectively. These devices are to be replaced with a new ShutterBOX Drive range which will offer 2, 4, 6 and 8-channel variants that will include automatic detection of rise and fall times through current measurement, 20 logic functions and 6 custom alarms with priority.

Key features:
  • 2/4/6/8 channels (16A relays)
  • Automatic detection of rise and fall times through current measurement
  • 20 logic functions
  • 6 custom alarms with priority
  • Heartbeat
  • Supports KNX Data Secure

Product Link: Coming Soon

DALI BOX Interface 64 X2

Zennio’s DALI portfolio is set to include a further addition, the DALI BOX Interface 64 x2, a new 2-channel version. With both a digital display and button for manual configuration, it will allow control of up to 64 ballasts per channel, 2x16 DALI groups, Individual control of every ballast in channel, Broadcast control per channel and is compatible with DALI 2 switches and sensors.

Key features:
  • Universal power supply (110-240V)
  • Display and buttons for manual configuration of the DALI installation
  • Up to 64 ballasts per channel
  • 2x16 DALI groups
  • Individual control of every ballast in channel
  • Broadcast control per channel
  • Compatible with DALI 2 switches and sensors
  • Error detection and notification through the display

Product Link: Coming Soon

inBOX DALI 16. KNX-DALI Interface

The new compact inBOX DALI 16 offers control of one DALI channel for up to 16 ballasts, does not require an additional 230v PSU as the DALI bus is powered from the KNX bus, allows manual control and is compatible with KNX secure.

Key features:
  • One DALI channel for up to 16 ballasts
  • No 230VAC power supply needed. The device powers the DALI bus from the KNX bus (up to 16 ballasts)
  • DALI addressing and commissioning via DCA
  • Manual Control to turn off all ballasts
  • KNX Secure
  • Interface and broadcast functionality (coming soon)

Product Link: Coming Soon

For more information on all products listed please contact a member of the My KNX Store team.

T:0191 497 0777