MDT Glass Push Button II Smart Keypad Showcase

The Glass Push-button II Smart is one of MDT’s premium KNX keypad ranges offering two design variants (with / without integrated temperature sensor) each providing tailored control of lighting, blinds, scenes and much more. Both are available in a premium black and white glass finishes and come with a 3-year warranty. MDT also provide a Central Operation Unit in a matching design to allow style continuity throughout the property / building. A great option for a communal area such as a lounge / kitchen where more advanced control is required.

The Glass Push-button II Smart range has a large coloured active display to visualise function and status which can be personalised to the requirements of that specific room / zone. A main benefit here is that if the functionality changes the display can be easily altered within the parameters rather than having to change rockers sets which has both cost and time implications. Furthermore, the buttons allow both 1 or 2 press operation for extended control or scene recall and the ‘with temperature sensor’ variant provides additional temperature set and operation mode functions.

Key Features:

  • Extensive application
  • HSV and Tunable White included. Functions for controlling the HSV colour circle and colour temperature (Tunable White). The application contains special symbols to control and visualise these functions.
  • Large RGB colour display
  • Function- and status indication can be freely parameterised by the user. The symbols and colours are freely selectable.
  • Symbols can be reloaded via DCA App
  • A free DCA app can be used to reload and parameterize any image of the size 64x64 pixels
  • RGB State LEDs
  • RGB status LED is available to the user for each function. This can visualise both, a keystroke as well as an external or internal status with any colour.
  • Info-Display
  • In standby mode up to 4 status elements can be displayed. These status elements can visualise any values of the KNX bus as well as the time or 14-byte status texts.
  • Logic functions
  • A total of 4 logic functions are available with the application of the Glass Push Button II Smart.


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