Gira HomeServer and TKS-IP Gateway Updates

HomeServer App Version Update: 4.10.0

Gira have recently released the iOS App 4.10.0 which now supports the following adjustments:

  • Support of iOS 13
  • Renewal of the internal memory management for higher stability

Troubleshooting of:

  • Crash of the app when deleting favourite
  • App crashes when entering a PIN in function template Scene Plus
  • Crash of the app when calling the diagrams from the menu
  • Camera PlugIn 2.0 call possible despite restricted user groups
TKSmobile release 2 for TKS-IP Gateway Gira are pleased on announce that the firmware update of the TKS-IP-gateway will again be available in the Gira download area, see download link below. This is mandatory for the new functions of the TKSmobil app and from January 2020 is available in the App Store and GooglePlay Store. TKS-IP-gateway upgrade download: Click Here
Scope of functions of the TKSmobil App:
  • Image memory/history
  • See missed calls, manage pictures on the mobile device or share them if required
  • Open the camera, even without a pending door call
  • Activate/deactivate forwarding from within the app
  • Convenient and fast switching on/off of forwarding directly from the mobile device.
  • PIN for door opening can be selected by the user (on/off)
  • Comfort extension for the opening of the door by means of a mobile device
Scope of the firmware update of the Gira TKS-IP-gateway:

Change of the file system to improve stability on the market. Bugfix for the integration of external IP cameras with the H264 Baseline Profile.cameras tested in the scope of development are the following:

  • Indexa – NWD6433M
  • Urmet – Minidome IP 4M 2.8 mm 1093/180M4I
  • AXIS – M1045-LW

Besides other bug fixes, an extension of the diagnostic capability was integrated when setting up the TKSmobil function.

Further information:

The restart of the TKS-IP-Gateway takes a little longer than the displayed 3 minutes after an

update. General time windows record a 3minute and 30 second restart time. Therefore, an error may be displayed. Please update here to address the device again.

Images are stored encrypted for 7 working days on Gira’s portal server. These are servers in Germany with a very high security level. The data can neither be viewed by Gira nor by third parties. After 7 days the data will be irrevocably deleted. Devices that have been updated with the faulty version must be replaced.

For more information contact a member of the My KNX Store team.

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