Personalised keypad design with the Ekinex Online Planner
Do you specify Ekinex keypads in your projects or interested in learning more about what the Ekinex range can offer? The Ekinex Online Planner is a fantastic tool to learn more about the units and configuration options available.
With a simple step-by-step layout each unit can be configured with the desired frame, LED colour, rocker configuration with customisable rocker inscriptions. Each keypad can be designed in a metal, plastic or Fenix finish or the desired mixture. With an image design window, the finish of each keypad is visible during the configuration process and once finalised a Design File can be produced which details all required parts. To visit the Ekinex Online Planner Click Here Do you have a current or upcoming project which would be well suited for an Ekinex solution? Contact a member of the My KNX Store team for more information.
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