Protection against water damage with the JUNG Leakage Sensor

The ability to monitor and control an extensive array of functions within one system is a key benefit of KNX. Not only to maximise the way a room, space or home can be used but also to ensure the safety and management of the building itself. This can be clearly seen with the integration of the JUNG LES01 Leakage Sensor.

Water damage is a common fear in any home or building, especially when the space is only occupied during certain hours or times of the year such as an office block or holiday home. With the JUNG LES01 Leakage Sensor water leaks can be easily monitored in areas such as below a bath or shower, under a kitchen unit, in boiler rooms or in a pool / spa. If a leak is detected then various automatic responses can be triggered, including alarm notifications or shutting off the water supply in that area to minimise any possible damage.
Localised control is also possible allowing water supply to only be cut off only in the affected area allowing other units and spaces to be used as normal. In addition to the Leakage Sensor, JUNG also offer a Condensation Sensor (BTS01) allowing the system is monitor all aspects of a water system.

What is required?

JUNG Leakage Sensor (LES01) View Product AND / OR JUNG Condensation Sensor (BTS01) View Product Binary input (such as the 2076-2T) Product Link Valve drive unit (such as the 2177SVR) Product Link. This is an accessory allowing localised valve control of water pipes.

All that is required the LES01 and / or BTS01 to be positioned in the required area and wired into a suitable binary input unit, which requires a wired KNX bus connection. Additional units, such as valve drive units then require their own wired KNX bus connection in the relevant areas and targeted responses are set within the KNX programme.

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