The anticipated launch of the Plug & Light range is here

Flexible and intelligent lighting is now a must have for any new build or smart home refurbishment. This unique lighting system from Gira, JUNG,

Brumberg and Insta redefines interior lighting with a vast array of configuration options and incredibly easy installation.

Fully compatible with a KNX system Plug & Light offers guaranteed flicker-free, dimmable LED lighting and is the ideal lighting solution for residential and commercial buildings alike. All Gira, JUNG and Brumberg fittings and frames are compatible with one another allowing you to mix and match depending on the style required.

Through the unique Plug & Light docking technology one socket can be freely changed to fit a wall, celling, pendant or spotlight unit without any need for retrofitting. This is extremely beneficial for multi-functional rooms which require various lighting moods such as restaurants and bars.

With the 3600 rotation functionality the Plug & Light range is also ideal for residential light systems. From flexible bedside table lighting to lounge and kitchen mood lighting personalised and cost-effective control can be easily achieved.


  • Contemporary design
  • Flexible use
  • Simple installation / replacement
  • Mix & Match with Gira and Jung fittings
  • Flicker free dimming
  • 3600 rotation
  • Safe 12V safety extra-low voltage

The complete Plug & Light range is available at My KNX Store. To browse the product range Click Here

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