Ultra-slim presence detection from Steinel

Steinel are renowned for producing compact units with extensive functionality, and with the IR Quattro Slim XS have once again pushed the boundaries of sleek presence detection with their slimmest unit to date.

The extra slim IR Quattro SLIM XS presence detector virtually disappears in the wall or ceiling with a high-precision 360° infrared sensor, globally unique retina lens, a 16 sq.m square presence detection zone (4 x 4 m) with an overall height of just 6mm. Thanks to this new and practical concealed box format it forms a remarkably unobtrusive symbiosis with the home environment and can now be installed in any standard concealed box. Adjustment via remote control or Smart Remote.

Technical Specifications:

  • European Article Number (EAN): 4007841033033
  • Type: Presence detector
  • Power supply: KNX bus
  • Sensor Technology: Passive infrared
  • Application: Indoors
  • Type of installation: Concealed wiring
  • Electronic scalability: No
  • Guarantee: 5 years

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