Which ETS Licence is right for me?

The KNX Engineering Tool Software (ETS) is the programming software used for all KNX systems. ETS, which is Windows 10 compatible, is licenced by KNX.org, is manufacturer neutral and allows the commissioning of all KNX certified devices in that system.

There are various licence types available, which all have the same programming structure, and licence type is dependant mainly on the number of programmed devices which are required. All licences function via a KNX ETS USB dongle and the most recent ETS software version is ETS5.

How do I buy an ETS licence?

All ETS5 licenses are available to purchase directly from KNX.org. To view the KNX.org purchase page Click Here

All trainees at our My KNX Store Training Academy will be awarded a:

– €140 discount voucher for the ETS5 Lite

– €125 discount voucher when upgrading from ETS5 Lite to ETS5 Professional (upon passing our KNX Fast Track Certification course)

Available Licenses:

ETS5 Demo

The Demo license is predominately designed for those wishing to gain experience in programming devices within the ETS software. With the capacity of creating projects with up to 5 devices this is a great way to get a taster of the programming structure.

Price: Free

ETS5 Lite

The ETS5 Lite licence, limited to 20 devices, is ideal for small scale / home projects or for more extensive training purposes.

Price: €200 ex vat

ETS5 Professional

The Professional licence offers the programming of an unlimited number of devices and is a requirement for systems which use more than 20 devices.

Price: €1,000 ex vat

ETS5 Supplementary

The ETS5 Supplementary licence is for those who already own a Professional licence and require an extra Professional licence for a colleague / the company. The Supplementary licence is the same as ETS5 Professional and a maximum of two Supplementary licences are available to purchase per Professional license.

Price: €150 ex vat
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