What is KNX?

Complete Building Control – Flexible Design – Unparalleled Product Choice

Established in 1990 the KNX standard has grown to be a global leader in the home automation and building control sector providing a complete management system for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Control of all home or building functions, such as lighting, heating, blinds, AV, door entry and more can be combined within one complete platform controlled via by multifunctional keypads, touchscreens or via apps both whilst in the property or securely from off site.

With over 450 certified manufacturers conforming to the same standard, including ABB, Ekinex, Gira, Jung, Schneider, Theben and Zennio KNX offers an unprecedented range of products, all of which can be mixed and matched to produce a personalised system for any style, budget or design. In addition, KNX not only offers interoperability between all KNX manufacturers but also the ability to talk to other systems. This is achieved through a range of KNX gateway devices which allow standardised controls such as DALI, Modbus and BACnet and other control systems including Control4, Creston and AMX to be easily linked to a KNX system further expanding the functionality and personalisation which can be achieved.

With wired, wireless and IP installation options a KNX system is ideal for both new build and retrofit projects alike. This is not only beneficial when the building type limits the installation options possible but also allows the system to be easily altered or expanded when the needs of the system change or new product lines are released.

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