Our November KNX Partner Graduates

And that’s a wrap! Last week we hosted our final KNX Partner Certification course of 2019 and are happy to announce all trainees passed with flying colours. We are looking forward to supporting you all and you develop your KNX portfolio.

In addition to the course syllabus we like to break up the week with a various supplier presentations and evening meals and thanks goes to ABB, Gira and Theben for attending this time. There are some exciting new products coming to market and we are looking forward to having these on our shelves over the coming months.

At the My KNX Store Academy we offer six KNX training courses. Two are targeted for those new to the industry and the remaining four for those already working within the KNX industry who are looking to expand their knowledge.

Which course is right for me?

1. KNX Taster (new to industry)

Offers a theoretical overview of the KNX protocol, its infrastructure and the benefits of KNX within the home automation, building control and BMS sectors.

Cost: Free | Duration: 4 hours

2. KNX Partner Certification (new to industry)

This is our most popular course and is the ideal choice for those wishing to offer a KNX control solution in their projects. Based on the KNX programming software, ETS, this course is comprised of theoretical and practical workshops and breaks down how to design, install, programme and troubleshoot a KNX system and concludes with the KNX Partner Certification exams.

Cost: £650 ex vat | Duration: 5-days

3. KNX Bootcamp (KNX Partners)

Designed for KNX Partners looking to refresh their knowledge and expand their current skillset. Comprised of both theoretical and practical workshops trainees will cover various topics essential in the programming and completion of a KNX project.

This course can be exclusively booked and tailored to focus on a select range of areas. Application to group booking only with a minimum of six trainees.

Cost: £450 ex vat | Duration: 3-days

4. KNX HVAC Certification (KNX Partners)

This course is designed for KNX Partners to develop their knowledge in HVAC integration and advanced functionality. It covers a range of topics including heat generators, legal frameworks and advanced control and concludes with a theory certification exam.

Cost: £300 ex vat | Duration: 2-days

5. KNX Advanced Certification (KNX Partner)

This course is designed for experienced KNX Partners looking to take their knowledge to the next level and achieve Advanced Certification. It covers a range of topics including interworking systems, logic operations and visualisation systems and concludes with a practical certification exam.

Cost: £1,000 ex vat | Duration: 5-days

6. KNX Product Training (KNX Partners)

At My KNX Store are committed to supporting those working within the industry with various product training courses. Working with our key suppliers our product training courses are a great way to get hands on with the latest and upcoming products on the market.

Cost: Free | Duration: 1-3 days

2020 KNX course dates confirmed:

In the New Year we will publishing our full 2020 course schedule. As a pre-release our first two courses of 2020 are as follows:

Course: KNX Taster

Date: 28th January 2020
Venue: My KNX Store Head Office, Newcastle
Online Booking: Click Here

Course: KNX Partner Certification

Date: 24-28th February 2020
Venue: My KNX Store Head Office, Newcastle
Online Booking: Click Here

Are you interested in learning more about KNX, looking to become a KNX Partner or expand your current skill set? Contact a member of the My KNX Store team today.

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