Ekinex Konnect4

Ekinex has further expanded the flexibility of their control portfolio which is now compatible with the Control4 ecosystem, allowing easy deployment of combined KNX and Control4 solutions and robust coexistence of Ekinex’s KNX programmed devices and those programmed in Composer Pro.

This is achieved by their new Konnect4 device, advanced IP-KNX interface for KNX and/or Control4 installations, which acts as the bridge between Control4 ecosystem and Ekinex products. Simply connect Konnect4 to the same LAN network as the Control4 controller, and to the Ekinex device bus. By pressing the programming button, the new devices are automatically recognized and presented in the SDDP discovery list in Composer Pro. Double-click to add the corresponding drivers to the project, and modify their properties to establish their behaviour. In Composer Pro it is possible to configure Ekinex products and integrate them into a Control4 automation system, even making them interact with third-party devices.

Currently Ekinex's FF Series, 71 Series, 20-Venti and Signum ranges are available to commission in easy mode with the Control4 driver and Ekinex’s actuators to follow in Q1 of 2024.

To download the user manual or to view Ekinex's step by step and video tutorials visit: https://www.ekinex.com/en/konnect4.html

Konnect4 key features:

  • Automatic network discovery via SDDP.
  • Bus line scanning and automatic assignment of addresses to connected EKINEX devices.
  • Identification of bus-connected devices within Composer Pro via SDDP.
  • Configuration of device operating parameters via device driver.
  • Downloading of configuration completely from Composer Pro without ETS.
  • Interfacing of configured devices with other devices, including third-party devices, via device connections.


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