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Within any room, zone or building the design and functionality of the lighting system will, in most cases, have the biggest visual impact and can be one of the biggest focuses within a project. Either for energy efficiency, personalised scenes, security and a mixture of various requirements.

Achieving the dimming requirements of mains lighting can be challenging with such a vast array of lighting types available and always raises the same question, how well will it work and how smooth will the dim curves be? The ABB KNX range offer various dimmers which can fulfil the majority, if not all, mains dimming requirements. All of which fall under one main rule of thumb, never to mix load types on a single channel.

Popular Units: Universal Types: 4 gang (2CKA006197A0047) / 6 gang (2CKA006197A0049)

The multichannel universal 4 and 6 gang dimming actuators are optimised for dimming of retrofit LED lamps (LEDi) and are also suitable for dimming incandescent lamps, low-voltage halogen lights with conventional or electronic transformers, 230 V halogen lamps and dimmable energy-saving halogen lamps.

ne of the key benefits of these units is the option to activate or deactivate automatic load detection. By selecting “automatic detection” in the device parameters, the actuator will work for resistive type incandescent lamps, low voltage halogens with conventional or electronic transformer types and also various led types, so it is always recommended running the auto detection before you look any further.

If the auto detection did not quite meet the required results the actuator has 4 additional settings for load types allowing channel performance to fine-tuned to the desired levels.

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Key points:

  • Minimum load per channel = 2 watts.
  • Maximum load per channel = 210 watts.
  • Linking channels possible to create higher wattage capacity. Up to 600w on the 4 gang and up to 900w on the six gang.
  • Parameter Master and individual settings per channel available.
  • Load detection alarms on open circuit is also available.

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RBG & RGBW Control: 1-4 gang (2CKA006151A0256)

Colour change is now a common requirement in lighting control systems and as such stable and reliable dimming of LED strips is essential. ABB’s 2CKA006151A0256 unit not only allows RGB and RGBW control off a single LED strip but also the dimming control of up to 4 individual single colour strips.

Key points:

  • Integrated power adapter
  • RGB or RGBW control
  • Option to group channels
  • Localised and central installation

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Are you specifying dimming control in a current or upcoming project, or want to ensure you are offering the most cost-effective form or lighting control? Contact a member of the My KNX Store team for more information.

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